Ameenee Magu: Nasheed seeks interim order to stop removal of trees

Shunana & Co. LLP., on behalf of Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed, has filed a petition in the Civil Court seeking an interim order to stop the removal of trees for the construction of Ameenee Magu.

One of the main roads of capital Male' City, Ameenee Magu, is being constructed again. The MVR 84 million road development project was awarded to Road Development Corporation (RDC) on July 3. The practical work of tarring Ameenee Magu was inaugurated on August 30.

The trees on both sides of Ameenee Magu are being removed while the road is being rebuilt. The removal of the trees is a concern of many people living in the city, and many have voiced their distress on social media platforms. Nasheed, who has also voiced his concern on the matter, has said he would go to court in his personal capacity to stop the removal of trees.

Following through on his threat to take the matter to court, Nasheed filed a lawsuit against RDC and the Planning Ministry. The lawsuit asks for an immediate stop to the felling, removal, and damage to the old trees on Ameenee Magu. It also sought an order against the RDC and the Planning Ministry to continue the road construction work without removing the trees.

The lawsuit also sought for the court to declare the continued uprooting of the trees as a violation of the Planning Ministry and RDC's duty to protect the environment under the Constitution, laws and regulations and international treaties.

Presidential Spokesperson Miuwan Mohamed, at a press conference held earlier this week, said the trees on the road are being removed as the pipe laying work could not be carried out without removing the trees. Many trees have now been cut down or removed to make the road. RDC has said a tree will be planted for every tree cut down, and that the felled trees will be taken to Kudagiri, which is being developed as a picnic island, and replanted there.