Nasheed declines Pres Solih's invitation to join Aarah dinner

Parliament Speaker and former President Mohamed Nasheed has declined President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih's invitation to attend a dinner for MDP National Congress at Aarah island.

President Nasheed, who is currently in the United States, sent a message to the MDP National Assembly members' WhatsApp group to decline the invitation for Monday's function.

"RJ [President Solih] also does not want to talk to me or work with me. So I do not want to do anything anymore," Nasheed said in his message.

President Nasheed has consistently advocated to change the Maldives' government system from a presidential system to a parliamentary system. However, President Solih opposes the proposed change. The difference in opinion on the matter seems to be the main cause of friction between the two MDP leaders. As a result, Nasheed continues to make accusations against the President from time to time.