Almost 70,000 work visas issued last year

Maldives Immigration issued 60,967 work visas last year.

The Defense Ministry's annual report for 2021 listed last year's immigration statistics. The Ministry of Defense is answerable to Parliament for immigration matters.

According to statistics, 2,465 dependent visas and 929 business visas were issued last year. In addition, 570 special visas, 422 student visas, and 422 resident visas or marriage visas were issued.

Last year, 1,590 passengers who traveled to the Maldives were deported. Five hundred thirty-five passengers were deported on the same flight, while 1,055 passengers were deported after being placed in detention facilities. In addition, 276 foreigners were deported for various reasons, while 36 foreigners were deported for health reasons. Immigration deported 2,147 foreigners under clearance.

According to the annual report, 242 passports were reported lost and eight damaged last year.