Health Sector: 21 projects completed thus far

Health Minister Ahmed Naseem has said 21 health sector projects have been completed this year under the Public Sector Investment Program (PSIP). Minister Naseem shared this information while answering questions from MPs at Wednesday's Parliament sitting.

Speaking at the Parliament, Minister Naseem said 32 projects are currently underway and that 21 projects have been completed so far. There are four BML-financed projects in the tender stage, and 12 out of 13 projects sent to the Ministry of Finance for tender are in the tender stage, he said.

The minister said the Kuwait Fund is an important partner in the hospital projects planned by the government. He said the Kuwait Fund would build a total of 11 hospitals in the Maldives, including seven 30-bed hospitals, two 50-bed hospitals, and two 100-bed tertiary hospitals.

In addition, four hospitals will be developed under contractor finance models, and two hospitals will be built under Deutsche Bank assistance. Deutsche Bank's project will be carried out in collaboration with a Spanish company, the minister said.

According to the Finance Ministry's Weekly Fiscal Policy Report, MVR 108.5 million has been spent from this year's budget on the health sector under the PSIP projects.