Construction of 54 towers to reach completion in 2024

The Planning Ministry has said 54 towers in construction in Male' City under the government's housing policy would reach completion in 2024.

Last Tuesday, the Housing Ministry, Fahi Development Corporation (FDC), and the Housing Development Corporation (HDC) briefed local media on housing projects being carried out by the government.

Out of the 54 towers being constructed in Male' and Hulhumale', the work ongoing in 32 towers was shown to the media. The 54 towers, which are being constructed by different contractors, will have a total of 6,175 flats. Of these, 4,000 flats are to be allocated under the government's "Gedhoruveriyaa" scheme.

Planning Ministry's Senior Executive Director Mohamed Arif told reporters that the government's priority for housing projects will now be evident, and efforts are being made to fulfill the pledge.

"Previous governments laid the foundation for such projects in their term's final year. However, we have been implementing housing projects in Male' and in the atolls since 2020," Arif said.

Flats allocated under the Gedhoruveriyaa scheme

The projects under the Gedhoruveriyaa scheme are being implemented by FDC, who have contracted the work to two Indian companies, JMC and NBCC.

"4,000 flats will be allocated under the Gedhoruveriyaa scheme. Each company will build 2,000 flats under the project," FDC's Business Development and Corporate Affairs Manager Ahmed Shamool Abdulla said.

The project, which is being carried out by FDC in two parts, is a large project, and some sites have to be therefore used to house the equipment needed for the works, said Shamool.

"16 percent of the flats being built by JMC have been completed. 13.5 percent of the flats being built by NBCC have also been completed," he said.

Each company has been awarded the contract to build 16 18-story towers, which will have 1,200 two-bedroom flats of 650 square feet and 2,800 three-bedroom flats of 900 square feet. The project agreements were signed on March 8, 2021. The flats are being built with the assistance of India's EXIM Bank at a total cost of US$267 million.

In addition to the FDC project, the government is also working on the construction of social and mixed housing units in the two phases of Hulhumale'. These include 1,000 housing units being constructed by Apollo Holdings, SJ Construction, Rasheed Carpentry Construction (RCC), Selita, Fedo Pvt Ltd, Rainbow Mega, and Newmark Pvt Ltd.

The government is also working to build luxury flats through India's TATA company on the lands where the former Odeon Cinema stood and where the former 'Naadhee' was located.

Arif added that some of the towers would be occupied by May next year. However, all the towers will be completed by 2024, he said. The contractors have given assurance that construction would be completed within the timeframe, he said.

The government's housing projects aim to build affordable housing units for people of all living standards.