DED officer among those arrested in drug operation

A police Drug Enforcement Department (DED) officer was among those arrested in a drug operation on Thursday night.

Police arrested 12 people in the drug operation from Male' and Hulhumale'. Those arrested include four women and eight men, some of whom are public figures. The Criminal Courthas extended the remand period of the police officer.

Details of remand terms
Two 23-year-old males, 30 days
26-year-old female, seven days
Two 26-year-old men, 15 days and five days respectively
27-year-old male, 15 days
27-year-old female, three days
31-year-old female, 30 days
34-year-old male, five days
36-year-old male, five days
37-year-old female, five days
38-year-old male, 30 days

Police are charging the arrested with drug possession and use.

Thursday's operation was conducted as part of the police's ongoing anti-drug operations.