Heavy fine to be imposed on India's AFCONS company

India's AFCONS company will be fined a large amount for the damages caused to Villimale' reef when a platform used by the company for the construction of Thimale' Bridge ran aground the reef.

An Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) official confirmed to AVAS that AFCONS will be fined a large amount. He said that the EPA would share the information with the media today or tomorrow.

"It is difficult to say the exact number at the moment. But the decision to take action has been taken," he said.

AFCONS rejected the EPA's report on the damage caused to the reef in the incident, prepared its own report, and submitted it to the EPA. The EPA decided to impose a large fine on AFCONS after also reviewing the AFCONS report.

The EPA is preparing to fine AFCONS while heavy criticism has been directed at EPA and the government for not taking any action against the company while three months have passed since the incident.

The platform used by the Indian company to construct the Thilamala Bridge ran aground Villimale' reef on August 16. Three people were injured in the incident. The platform was refloated on August 27, eleven days after it ran aground, amid heavy public criticism over the delay in refloating the platform.

EPA began its study of the damage caused by the platform in September. Photos released by the EPA show four large holes in the reef. The EPA team estimates that the damage to the reef was caused by the platform legs, or "anchor spuds".