AFCONS fined MVR 69 mln for reef damage

India's AFCONS Infrastructure company has been fined MVR 69 million for the damages caused to the Villimale' reef after a platform used by the company for Thila-Male' Bridge construction ran aground the reef.

The platform ran aground Villimale' reef on August 16. Three people were injured in the incident. The platform was refloated on August 27, eleven days after it ran aground, amid heavy public criticism over the delay in refloating the platform.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) said in a statement that it decided to fine AFCONS after considering reports submitted by both parties following a joint EPA-AFCONS survey to look at the affected area of the reef. The statement said an area of 2,755 square meters was damaged when the platform ran aground the reef.

AFCONS has been granted a period of 30-day starting from November 13 to pay the heavy fine.