AVAS releases 'QuTech World Cup' book

AVAS Online has released the book "QuRech World Cup", a guide on the FIFA World Cup 2022 that began in Qatar on Sunday.

National football team Captain Akram Abdul Ghani (Aku) released the book at a special launching ceremony held at the AVAS headquarters on Sunday evening.

Chief Editor of AVAS, Ahmed Rifau said a special book on the World Cup was published to provide as much information as possible about the ongoing international sporting event.

"I am sure the 'QuTech World Cup' book prepared by AVAS' sports team will be the most informative and up-to-date book on the tournament. It will also provide some information specific to the locals to connect the local environment with the World Cup," he said.

QuTech is the title partner of the World Cup book. In addition, Medtech, Hums, Experglobal, Ronix, STELCO, Happy Market, Cyrix, M-7, and Brotherhood Investment are the sponsors of the book.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank our sponsors for their support and cooperation to our sports team in preparing this book,” Rifau said.

Key sections of the QuTech World Cup book include information on how Qatar was awarded the World Cup 2022 bid, how the Arab nation prepared for the event, and details of corruption allegations against the country. The latest information on all the teams competing in the tournament, and profiles of notable players and young players are also included. The book also features an exclusive interview with Mohamed Saeed, the only Maldivian referee to have worked as an official at the World Cup thus far.

In addition, some of the Maldives' young politicians' views on the World Cup and their memories of the sporting event are shared in the book. A special spread features football Captain Akram Abdul Ghani and the country's best footballer Hamza Mohammed (Hampu)'s dream teams. The book also has a section on ways to strengthen family relations during the World Cup.

AVAS has arranged to provide the QuTech World Cup book to readers for free.