Abdulla's post-mortem results cannot be disclosed at this time, says NIC

The National Integrity Commission (NIC) has said that the results of Abdulla Rasheed's post-mortem cannot be shared at this time as the investigations are still ongoing.

Abdulla Rasheed passed away on October 25 while in police custody on drug trafficking charges. Some sources say he complained of chest pains at the time of arrest and died later that day due to a delay in receiving medical treatment.

Abdulla's body was sent to India on October 31 for postmortem, against the wishes of his family. The family filed a petition in the Civil Court seeking an order against the police to stop the post-mortem and hand over his body to the family. However, the Civil Court ruled on October 30 that there was no need to issue a court order as requested.

Abdullah's family has been expressing concern that the results of the post-mortem have not been received while two weeks have passed since the post-mortem was conducted.

"The post-mortem was conducted without our consent. We have not received any update from the relevant authorities for two weeks now," a family member told AVAS.

A NIC officer told AVAS that initial investigations into Abdulla's death are underway.

“We cannot share the post-mortem details at this stage of the investigation,” the officer said.