Nasheed angered by low attendance at Parliament sittings

Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed has expressed his displeasure at the low attendance at Wednesday's Parliament sitting.

A total of 22 members were present at the start of Wednesday's session. While the Parliament has 87 members, Nasheed expressed his deep dissatisfaction with the low turnout at the sitting.

"There are 22 honorable members present in the session at the moment. That is the number of members who were present even after the start time passed, and after the bell was rung," Nasheed said.

Noting that the salaries of MPs are extremely high, Nasheed said the members of the committees receive even more. Each member takes home more than MVR 80,000 as salary, he said.

Nasheed said the members were elected to represent the people in parliament. He said it was a great regret that members did not attend the sittings, and repeatedly asked members to attend sittings regularly.

".... It is essential for the members of this House to attend the House on the days it is in session. The basic purpose of this House is for members to participate in the debates and express their views,” Nasheed said.