Nasheed seeks MVR 10 mln as compensation in defamation lawsuit

A defamation case has been filed at the Civil Court on behalf of Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed, seeking compensation for damage caused by an act of defamation by Maradhoo MP Ibrahim Shareef.

On November 25, the Maradhoo MP published a tweet at 1:37 pm, stating that Nasheed had planned to kill 50 people to overthrow former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom by blaming their deaths on Maumoon. However, the plan was stopped by the then MDP parliamentary group by passing a resolution against it, claimed Shareef.

Sharif added that Nasheed tried to kill 50 people by using mercenaries disguised as journalists and killing 50 people during a massive MDP demonstration.

The law firm, which filed the defamation suit on behalf of Nasheed, said it was seeking MVR 10 million in compensation for the damage caused by Shareef's act of defamation.