Daily average of minibus users at 5,000

Maldives' national transport system, RTL's minibus service, is currently used by about 5,000 people a day, according to MTCC figures.

The statistics shared by MTCC on the RTL bus service show that an average of 4,500 people travel daily in Male' since the ticketed minibus services were launched. Before fares were charged, an average of 10,000 people traveled by minibus daily.

The total number of passengers that used minibus service in October was 153,682. As of November 20, 87,030 people had traveled in minibusses in the Male' area alone.

Minibuses operate on three routes in Male' city. They are the Ameenee route, the Sosun route, and the Orchid route. A total of 45 bus stops have been established on the bus routes, with buses approaching each stop every 15 minutes.

A ticket, available for MVR 7, is required to travel by minibus. QR tickets for the bus can be obtained through the RTL website and application or by purchasing tickets on the bus. However, the lack of availability of change and not being able to use bus cards and cash cards on the buses are a concern for some minibus passengers.

Speaking to AVAS, an MTCC media official said the company was working on arranging mini buses with additional facilities. These facilities are expected to be introduced during December, he said.

The official said the company believes the minibus service has brought convenience to the people. He said the service is receiving a great response from the public.

"Generally, it has been much easier for senior citizens to travel around the city. We believe that school children and people with special needs have also been provided a good service," the MTCC official said.

MTCC has now obtained additional electric buses to provide public transport service in Male' city. These buses will also be operational soon, MTCC said.