Contactless Mastercard and Visa payments now accepted for RTL bus services in atolls

Contactless Mastercard and Visa cards can now be used for payments for RTL public services in the atolls.

Previously available in Malé City, this convenient payment option is now accessible in Addu City, Fuvahmulah City, Kulhudhuffushi City, Haa Alif Dhidhdho, L. Gan, L. Funadhoo, and L. Isndhoo Kalaidhoo.

MTCC said tickets for RTL public bus services can be purchased using contactless debit and credit EMV MasterCard and Visa cards issued by the Bank of Maldives and other banks.

The public bus services provided by RTL in the atolls include fixed fare routes and distance fare routes. The fixed fare route will have the same fare for the entire route, and customers will have to tap the ticket validator while boarding the bus.

On distance fare routes, the price is determined by the distance traveled. Passengers must tap in when boarding and tap out when disembarking. If a passenger forgets to tap out on distance fare trips, the total fare for that route will be automatically deducted.