Ambulances now available in all islands: Health Ministry

Ambulance services are now available in all islands of the Maldives.

In answer to a question by AVAS, Health Ministry's Media Director Aiminath Shathufa said the ambulance service is now available in all islands of the country.

Although ambulances have been sent to all islands, some ambulances cannot be operated smoothly in some islands due to small roads, said Shathufa. Therefore, the Health Ministry is now working to procure buggy ambulances for such islands, noting that the buggy ambulances were being procured from China through the Maldives' Foreign Ministry.

"Some small islands have narrow roads that cannot accommodate large ambulances. We are also working on getting buggy ambulances for such islands," Shathufa said.

The provision of ambulance service in all islands of the country is a presidential pledge of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih. According to the President's Office, 137 ambulances have been provided to hospitals and health centers in the atolls.