Male' City Council takes over street cleaning

The Male' City Council has taken over the responsibility of cleaning Male' and Vilimale' streets and public spaces.

The City Council signed an agreement with WAMCO on December 26, 2016, assigning WAMCO the task of cleaning and maintaining public places, parks, and squares in Male' and Villimale'. While the agreement expired today, the City Council earlier in September had decided against renewing the contract. The City Council instead decided that the cleaning and maintenance of the streets and public places in the city would be directly undertaken by the council.

A press release issued by WAMCO on Monday said that no work related to public waste management in the Greater Male' Area would be carried out under the supervision of WAMCO henceforth.

Therefore, the City Council will now take over the responsibility of cleaning the city. This includes cleaning streets, alleys, parks, public squares, and local markets.

The City Council had earlier said WAMCO was not cleaning Male' streets as per the agreement with the council. When city council employees pick up their slack and collect the garbage from public places in the city and take it to WAMCO for disposal, WAMCO still charges a fee for the city council's vehicle, the council had said.