City Council to clear Industrial Village area

Male’ City Council has commenced the clearing and cleaning the Male’ Industrial Village area.

The Council has requested the public to remove all vehicles in the area by next Thursday. The request was made in an announcement issued on Friday night. City Council said work is ongoing to clean the area jointly with Waste Management Corporation (WAMCO).

The announcement details that if the vehicles are not removed by the deadline, the police will tow the vehicles, and the Council will not be responsible for any damages that might be caused to the vehicles during the process. The announcement further said that the vehicles without engines will be disposed of.

The Industrial Village, where the government plans on relocating workshops and go-downs, has been deserted for quite some time. Even though some plot of lands were allocated to individuals, no practical works were done in most of the areas. The Planning Ministry handed over the management of the zone to Male’ City Council this month.