'Council decided against renewing WAMCO contract to provide efficient service'

Male' City Council has said it decided against renewing its street cleaning agreement with WAMCO in order to provide fast and efficient services.

An agreement was signed between the City Council and WAMCO on December 26, 2016, to clean and remove garbage from public spaces. While the agreement will expire on December 26 this year, the City Council on September 8 decided not to renew the contract. At the City Council meeting held that day, it was decided that the Council would directly handle the cleaning and maintenance of the streets and public places in the city.

The City Council said in a statement that the Council decided to take on WAMCO's current task to provide fast and efficient services.

"The City Council is spending MVR 2.5 million per month on cleaning and maintenance of Male' and Villimale', but the Council continues to receive complaints about the inconvenience caused to pedestrians and vehicles due to delays in removing garbage. The work is not being done properly," the statement said.

The City Council noted that some of its employees have already been tasked with cleaning some areas of the city. In this regard, the Artificial Beach, Rasfannu area, and Republic Square are cleaned by the Council, the statement said.

The City Council added that it believes that the street cleaning work can be properly monitored if the work is handled by the Council.