Maximum altitude to fly drones set at 120 metres

The Defense Ministry has said the maximum allowable altitude to fly drones is 120 meters above the ground.

The application form for drone flight permits has been amended to require that the application be submitted at least three official days prior to the date on which the drone is to be operated. The Defense Ministry said it needs time to consider the safety considerations in granting permission to fly drones.

The Defense Ministry said when the application form is submitted to the ministry, a map of the area showing the position where the drone will be operated must be submitted.

Drones will be allowed to operate within a 50-meter radius in urban areas and within a radius of 150 meters at sea. A permit must be obtained from the Maldives Civil Aviation Authority before operating a drone, and if the drone is operated on another party's premises, permission must also be obtained from that party. In the case of a resort, the drone can be flown in coordination with the resort management based on the safety of seaplane flights. Additionally, drones must not be flown near or over MNDF bases and MNDF security areas.

Although permits had been granted to fly a drone, if the MNDF orders to stop operating the drone under any circumstance, it must be stopped immediately.