City Countil raises over 700k for mosque repairs

The Male' City Council has raised over MVR 700,000 through the telethon held to raise funds for the repair and maintenance of mosques in the city.

According to the City Council, a total of MVR 744,713.90 was raised in two days under the "Chaalu Miskiy" fund-raising telethon. Out of this, MVR 313,397.90 was raised by the end of the first day of the event.

The city council said it opened a fund to repair the mosques as the government handed over the mosques to the council without any budget for their maintenance. According to the city council, the repairs of all the mosques in Male' City require a total of MVR 9 million. Although the two-day telethon event has ended, money can still be donated for the cause.

The council had earlier said the cost of the repair and maintenance of the mosques could not be completed with the council's limited budget. The telethon fund will facilitate the repairs to the mosques for the coming month of Ramadan, the council had said.

The maintenance of mosques is the responsibility of the councils. The city council maintains 34 mosques in Male' and Villimale'.