Motion filed against deportation of foreigners that smuggle drugs into the Maldives

A motion has been filed in Parliament calling to repeal parts of regulations that allow the deportation of foreigners who smuggle drugs into the Maldives.

The issue was moved by Henveiru West MP Hassan Latheef. Hassan is a member of the main-ruling MDP who disagrees with several government policies.

The motion states that every manifesto of the MDP so far has made it a policy to "close the doors that are open to drugs". However, the current government is going against the policy and gazettes policies that facilitate and encourage drug trafficking by foreigners, it said.

Hassan said it is not legal to restrict the enforcement of an offense defined as an offense under the Drugs Act. He called for the deletion of the sections of the rules on the treatment of a foreigner in cases of suspected smuggling of drugs, which are contrary to the law.

Hassan Latheef has filed a motion in Parliament while a 23-year-old Brazilian woman was denied entry to the Maldives and deported after 6.2 kilograms of drugs were seized from her luggage. The Maldives Customs Service said in a statement that the move followed consultations among enforcement agencies under the relevant regulations. According to customs, the regulations were gazetted on January 26.