JP elects five members for Deputy Leader positions

Five individuals have been elected as the deputy leaders of the Jumhooree Party.

The five were elected from among 12 candidates at the JP National Conference held this weekend. JP leader Qasim Ibrahim's wife and Transport Minister Aishath Nahla are among those elected to the party's leadership as deputy leaders. In addition to Nahla, former Transport Minister Ameen Ibrahim, former Fuvahmulah North MP Ali Shah, former FENAKA Chairman Iqbal Adam and former JP Deputy President Ahmed Saud were elected as the party's deputy leaders.

Top government officials who ran for the Deputy Leader post include Fisheries Minister Dr. Hussain Rasheed Hassan, Environment Ministry's State Minister Hassan Mughunee, and Controller of Immigration Mohamed Ahmed Hussain (Hanafi). However, Only Nahla was elected as a JP Deputy Leader among the ministers, state ministers, and senior government officials who ran for the post. Nahla received the most votes in the election for the deputy leader.

680 participants of the JP National Conference voted to elect deputy leaders.

JP Deputy Leader Election Results

Transport Minister Aisha Nahla: 558 votes
Former Transport Minister Ameen Ibrahim: 327 votes
Former Fuvahmulah North Constituency MP Ali Shah: 277 votes
Former FENAKA Chairman Iqbal Adam: 263 votes
Former JP Vice President Ahmed Saud: 275 votes
Former Thinadhoo South MP Abdulla Ahmed (Abulho): 258 votes
State Minister for Environment Hassan Mughunee: 255 votes
Former Isdhoo MP Ali Hameed: 198 votes
Fisheries Minister Dr. Hussain Rasheed Hassan: 147 votes
Immigration Controller Mohamed Ahmed Hussain (Hanafi): 143 votes
Yashfa Abdul Ghani: 138 votes
Former Keyodhoo MP Moosa Nizar: 102 votes

The party's fourth national conference held on Friday and Saturday, elected Qasim Ibrahim as the party's leader, Abdulla Yameen as Youth League President, Shuaib Shifaz as Youth League Vice President, and Aishath Shuza Ahmed as Women's League Secretary. The conference also elected 25 members to the JP Council, which has the power to decide how the party will act in the presidential election.

JP has decided at its National Conference to form and lead a coalition to contest the upcoming presidential election. However, all election-related work will be done by the JP Council.

Although the JP Constitution previously said the party's presidential candidate would be its leader, it has now been amended such that any party member can apply to contest the presidential election. The JP ticket will then be determined by a JP Council vote.