Police begin to use taser guns

Police have begun using taser guns or electric guns as additional measures to reduce crime.

Although police officers began using taser guns today, the police demonstrated the use of taser guns to the media on January 16.

Police said the taser gun would only be used in dangerous operations where force is required against criminals. Commissioner of Police Mohamed Hameed said only specially trained officers of sergeants rank and above would use taser guns. Officers who use taser guns are required to undergo a five-day training.

"This is a step taken for the safety of both the police and the public. The use of taser guns is safer than the using pepper spray," Commissioner of Police Mohamed Hameed told reporters earlier.

Procedures for the use of taser guns

- Taser guns can only be used by officers with the rank of sergeant and above
- A five-day training program must be completed before the taser gun can be used by an officer
- The taser gun can only be used with a body-worn camera

The effect of using a taser gun lasts for about five seconds. When the gun's electric bullet hits the target's body, the target immediately falls and becomes paralyzed for a few seconds. However, this would not cause life-threatening injuries, the police said.