Payments issued within 14 days for works completed: Finance Minister

Finance Minister Ibrahim Ameer has said that funds are released for works completed within 14 days of payment requests being posted on the ministry's portal.

The Finance Minister said this in response to a question by Kulhudhuffushi North MP Yasir Abdul Lateef in the Parliament today. The MP asked why government projects are stopped due to lack of funds and why some projects are not started due to advance payments not being released.

In his response, Minister Ameer said that previously, payments were made within seven days of requests being posted on the finance portal.

"Now we are releasing the money within about 14 days at the maximum," Ameer said.

The minister said there should not be a delay beyond 14 days unless there are other issues with the request.

Ameer said there should be no difficulties in carrying out projects that have already been awarded. He added that the procurement system considers the revenue received by the state when tendering projects.

"There should be no such difficulties after the award. We already pay within 14 days of requests being posted to our system," Ameer said.