Rasdhoo housing unit project to be handed over to contractor next month

The construction of housing units in Aa. Rasdhoo will be handed over to a contractor next month, Finance Minister Ibrahim Ameer has said.

At Wednesday's Parliament sitting, Thoddoo MP Hassan Shiyan asked the minister regarding the 50 housing units tendered for construction in Rasdhoo. He asked the minister when the work would be handed over to the contractor and when the project would reach completion and be ready for handover.

In his response, Minister Ameer said the bids for the housing units project had been opened and evaluated. He said the consultation process is now ongoing, adding that the awarding process will likely be completed next month.

The minister said he could not say when the housing unit recipients would be able to move into the flats. When the Minister concluded his reply, MP Shiyan mentioned that the contract would include a term. Replying to the MP, Ameer said he did not look into the details of the tender stage contracts. The contract will include the duration of the work when the project is awarded, he said.