Outlook on Abdulla's death different from investigative point of view: Home Minister

Home Minister Imran Abdullah has said that the outlook on Abdulla Rasheed's death differs when considered from an investigative point of view.

Abdulla Rasheed passed away while in police custody on October 25 last year. He died while he was aboard a speedboat, under police arrest. The National Integrity Commission (NIC) is investigating the case in close collaboration with the police to determine if there was any police negligence in the incident.

At Tuesday's Parliament session, Madaveli MP Hussain Firushan questioned Minister Imran regarding Abdulla Rasheed's death. He asked the minister if any steps had been taken following the death and asked for details of any actions taken.

In his response, Minister Imran said he had looked into the matter closely and obtained a report on the incident. However, as Firushan's question was irrelevant to Tuesday's questioning, he had not brought details of the case to the Parliament, the minister said.

The minister's response was unsatisfactory for Firushan, who requested to question the minister further. The MP said the incident occurred before his eyes and repeated his question about whether any action had been taken against anyone regarding the case.

Imran said the investigation's finding differed greatly from how the people witnessed the incident.

"What you would have seen is what happened at that moment before you. I am not aware whether you would know what happened before or after that moment," Imran said.

Imran said the investigation looked at the matter from all angles, and making decisions based on a part of it was not appropriate.

The NIC is investigating the death of Abdullah on October 25 last year while he was arrested on drug charges. In an earlier statement, the NIC said it was investigating the case in collaboration with the police.