Govt will not take advantage of Anti-terrorism Law: Home Minister

Home Minister Imran Abdulla has stated that the current government will not misuse it the Anti-Terrorism Act although the recent amendments to the act empowers authorities.

The motion to empower police officers to detain alleged terrorists and conduct searches without a warrant was approved by 52 votes at parliament on Monday.

In relation to the Bill being passed today, Minister Imran tweeted that this was a development in the eradication of terrorism in Maldives.

"I ensure complete guarantee that the current government will not misuse the law Insha Allah", Imran said.

There was concern of potential misconduct due to the powers vested in the police and relevant authorities under the new amendment in indicting terrorists. These concerns were expressed by several lawyers, opposition members, and MDP members.

However, the government has stated that instead of misusing the powers, they will be put to good use to bring the culprits in front of justice and eradicate terrorism in Maldives. It was further assured that although some political figures misused the terrorism law in the past, such actions will not be repeated.

Under the previous administration of President Abdulla Yameen, several political leaders from the opposition were wrongfully charged with terrorism, including current Home Minister Imran Abdulla and Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed.