'Will ensure necessary steps are taken on Rilwan's case'

In light of the report compiled on Rilwan's murder by the Presidential Commission Investigating Murders and Enforced Disappearances, Home Minister Imran Abdulla has declared that he will ensure that the police take necessary steps regarding the case.

While the Commission's report on the Rilwan case highlights the misconduct of five police officers, Minister Imran's tweet states that the case is being investigated by the presidential commission.

He assured that he would ensure necessary action is taken through government entities, and the police force based on the investigation.

Imran made his statement on Twitter after the police said there wasn't sufficient evidence to arrest the two officers involved in the case, and that there were no grounds to lawfully arrest them. Additionally, Speaker of the Parliament and former president Mohamed Nasheed has made a lot of criticisms in its regard as well.

Attorney General Ibrahim Rifath requested the police to acquire an arrest warrant for the two police officers mentioned in the report for derailing the investigation of Rilwan's abduction - Corporal Mohamed Jinah and Corporal Ibrahim Rifauth.

However, the police have stated that they lack sufficient evidence for an arrest warrant, denying them the legal basis to take the officers into custody.