'All offenders will be treated justly' - Home Minister

Home Minister Imran Abdulla has stated that the current administration will treat all criminal offenders justly and fairly.

In a tweet published by the Minister on Monday, he said the administration would not lose sight of the policies that they had been advocating, and will ensure that those who need to be detained are placed in custody fairly.

The Minister's statement comes amid criticism on the government's failure to arrest two officers linked to the murder of Miniwan News journalist Ahmed Rilwan.

The Presidential Commission Investigating Enforced Disappearances and Murders named two officers in their report on Rilwan's murder, claiming that the two officers had attempted to obstruct investigation of Rilwan's case.

Although the Attorney General Ibrahim Riffath instructed Maldives Police Service to begin procedure to arrest the two officers, MPS had declared that there were no legal grounds to arrest the officers due to lack of substantial evidence against the officers.

While Speaker of the parliament Mohamed NAaheed, and several MPs from main ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) has voiced their concern on lack of action against the officers, MPS has stated that they would effect any arrest warrants obtained by the presidential commission under their special jurisdictions.

The Commission's report revealed Corporals Ibrahim Riffath and Mohamed Jinah had attempted to make a fake passport for Rilwan in order to make it appear that the abducted journalist has been killed in Syria. While it has come to light that Rilwan was murdered by an religious extremist group affiliated with Al-Qaeda, the two officers were in communication with former vice president Ahmed Adeeb Abdul Ghafoor to impede the investigation on his abduction, and had received financial incentives from the former VP.