Maduvvari Police Post officially inaugurated

The Meemu Maduvvari Police Post has been officially opened.

The new police post was inaugurated by Home Minister Imran Abdulla and Commissioner of Police Mohamed Hameed at a ceremony in Maduvvari on Tuesday.

At the ceremony, Commissioner Hameed said the establishment of police posts and having a permanent police presence in all inhabited islands of the Maldives runs high costs. There are several challenges in developing the police service in the Maldives due to the geography and living conditions of the people, he said.

"The challenges are not just due to money constraints or lack of resources. There is also a shortage of human resources and a shortage of skilled and interested people," he noted.

The CP said the provision of police services on the basis of a community policing philosophy is required by the Police Service Act, and it is important that the police and the people work together while providing services under the philosophy. He said the police must trust the people and vice versa to achieve that. He also emphasized the need for avenues to bridge communication between the public and the police and noted the establishment of neighborhood police in Meemu Atoll.

Concluding his speech, the CP requested officers working in the Meemu atoll to fulfill their legal duty to the best of their ability.