Over 1.6 tonnes of drugs seized in four years

Over 1.6 tonnes of drugs have been seized in the past four years, Home Minister Imran Abdulla said.

Minister Imran Abdulla told a Home Sector press conference on Wednesday that 1.6 tonnes of drugs had been seized in the past four years and that 1.9 tonnes of drugs have been destroyed, including previously seized narcotics.

The minister said the top priority of the ministry has been to solve the drug problem faced by the country. Efforts to prevent gang-related crimes are also yielding results, he said.

Speaking at the press conference, Commissioner of Police Mohamed Hameed said 562 drug operations were conducted in the last four years. During this time, 11,955 people were arrested in drug-related cases including 10,497 locals and 781 foreigners. Out of these, 416 are women, and 261 are minors below the age of 18, he said.

Drug Statistics 2019 - 2022

No. of cases investigated - 6,165
No. of cases referred to Prosecutor General's Office - 2,681
No. of drug cafes shut down - 35