No police negligence in Abdulla Rasheed's death: Home Minister

Home Minister Imran Abdulla has said there was no police negligence in the death of Abdulla Rasheed.

Abdulla Rasheed died on October 25, 2022, while being arrested on drug charges. He was aboard a police speedboat under police custody when he passed away, and his family alleges police negligence in his death.

At Monday's Parliament sitting, Madaveli MP Hussain Firshan inquired regarding the progress of the investigation into Abdulla Rasheed's death, noting that seven months had passed since he died. He pointed out that the family had not received any communication from the authorities since the post-mortem examination and requested the minister to provide an update on the investigation.

"Not a single phone call has been made to the family since the post-mortem was conducted. There has been no contact with them regarding the investigation. We are completely unaware of the progress made in the police investigation. Minister, please enlighten us on what has been done until now," Firshan said.

In his response, Minister Imran said he wanted to determine whether there was any police involvement or negligence contributing to Abdulla Rasheed's death. He stated that there is no evidence indicating direct injury or deliberate negligence by the police.

"There is no evidence to prove that there was direct injury or deliberate negligence by the police. If the police investigation does not show negligence, there is no further action that can be taken on the matter," he said.