Will reveal politicians with possible drug links to Parliament: Imran

Home Minister Imran Abdullah has said that he would reveal the names of politicians accused of having links with drug dealers and gangs to Parliament.

Speaking at Tuesday's Parliament session, the minister said some politicians, businessmen, and heads of institutions have links with drug networks. Imran said he would share their names with the Parliament.

"After looking into the matter, I will bring this to the attention of the Parliament. I will hopefully bring it to the attention of the Parliament's 241 Committee," Imran said.

The 241 Committee is the Parliament Committee on National Security Services.

Imran said both the members and the Speaker of the Parliament would know that it is best not to make statements in the Parliament regarding such matters without a thorough investigation.

Imran said he was also aware that police officers were also among those linked to drug networks. He said many such officers had been dismissed from the police force under his direct signature. He said the number of officers dismissed in such cases would be revealed when necessary.