EC asks to report misuse of state property in campaigning

The President of the Elections Commission (EC), Fuwad Thawfeek, has asked to report any misuse of state property for campaigning to the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC).

Fuwad's statement comes in response to a tweet by Maavashu MP Mohamed Saeed, who accused MDs of government companies of using state property to defend their positions in the Guraidhoo by-election campaign.

"If any person is using state property, it would be better to submit detailed information to the ACC along with available evidence," Fuwad said in response to the tweet.

The Guraidhoo parliament seat became vacant with the passing of Guraidhoo MP Ibrahim Riza earlier this year. The by-election is scheduled to be held this Saturday. The main-ruling MDP, MNP, and PPM are contesting Saturday's parliament by-election. All three candidates are from Guraidhoo, the largest island in the constituency.