Equipment for harbour, reclamation projects delivered ahead of by-election

The equipment needed for the Gulhi land reclamation project and K. Maafushi harbour expansion project have been delivered to the islands ahead of the Guraidhoo by-election.

Both Maafushi and Gulhi are islands in the Guraidhoo constituency. While the Guraidhoo constituency Parliament seat is currently vacant, a by-election has been scheduled for this Saturday. The main-ruling Maldivian Democratic Party, opposing the Progressive Party of the Maldives and Maldives National Party, are contesting the election.

The government contracted MTCC to conduct the land reclamation project in Gulhi late last month. The scope of the project includes the reclamation of 10.15 hectares of land, the construction of a 940m rock revetment, the construction of a 362m geo bag revetment, and 88m groynes. The value of the project is US$5.3 million and must be completed within 450 days.

The Maafushi harbour expansion project includes a 700-metre geo-bag revetment, two 160-metre concrete jetties, a 64-metre revetment, and a 31-metre outer wall.