Three elected to WDCs without a vote

Three people have been elected to the Women's Development Committee (WDC)s of three islands without a vote.

The three candidates were the only candidates to apply to run in the annual by-election for the open vacancy on their respective islands' WDCs. Therefore, they were elected to the committees by default.

The members elected without a vote are Aishath Haneefa to Sh. Maaungoodhoo WDC, Waseema Ibrahim to R. Meedhoo WDC, and Liusha Ibrahim to GDh. Vaadhoo WDC. All three members are from the opposing Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM).

When the Elections Commission (EC) opened application to contest the annual WDC by-election for ten islands, no candidates applied from F. Nilandhoo. Therefore, the by-election for the remaining six islands will take place on April 17. The islands are HDh. Finey, K. Dhiffushi, M. Veyvah, Th. Gaadhiffushi, GDh. Hoadeddhoo, and Ga. Maamendhoo.

Under the Decentralization Act, elections were previously held within 60 days of the resignation of a WDC member. However, with the amendment to the Decentralization Act and the WDC election rules last year, the WDC elections will now have to be held once a year. However, if a WDC does not have a quorum, elections will be held within 60 days of the member's resignation.

The decision to hold the by-elections of the WDCs once a year was taken to find a solution to the high expenses incurred for recurrent elections.