Corrections office to be relocated to VOM Building

Maldives Correctional Service (MCS) will use part of the Voice of Maldives (VOM) building as its office.

Some senior Public Service Media (PSM) officials and a corrections official confirmed to AVAS that the Corrections Office would be relocated to the VOM Building.

"The most likely place where our office will be relocated to is the Voice of Maldives building," a corrections officer said.

A PSM official said the building is being leased to Corrections for five years to run some of their administrative offices.

"We are talking about separating the entrances for the corrections office and the VOM offices. This means that the corrections staff will enter the sound building through a separate door," the PSM official said.

The Maldives Correctional Service office has to be relocated after the government decided to demolish the Ghaazee Building where the office is located. The Planning Ministry will start the demolition of the Ghaazee Building before June 20 this year.

The Corrections Male' office employs about 120 employees. The government first tried to move the corrections office to the MWSC's Fen Building. However, the decision was taken to move the office to the VOM building because adequate space was not available at the MWSC building to accommodate all employees of corrections.

The Maldives Correctional Service is responsible for the management of prisons and prisoners.