Nasheed's 'The Democrats' seeks EC approval for party formation

The main-ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP)'s breakaway faction, Fikuregge Dhirun, has filed for political party registration at the Elections Commission.

Following MDP President Mohamed Nasheed's significant defeat against President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih in the party's presidential primary, Nasheed has been spearheading an anti-government movement within the party. Last week, 12 MPs who support Nasheed abruptly left the party, marking the culmination of intensifying internal divisions within the party. Following their exit from the party, the group announced their intention to register a new political party and contest the upcoming presidential election. It is speculated that Nasheed, who still remains in MDP, will represent the new party in the September election.

The defect group on Sunday filed to register a political party, 'The Democrats', under Henveiru Central MP Hassan Latheef's name. The MPs and other Nasheed supporters were present when the form was submitted at EC.

The party founder, Hassan Latheef, said he left the MDP because of unsatisfactory characteristics within the party.

"The first MAldivian Democratic Party was actually formed to instill the principles and characteristics of democracy in the Maldives. However, it gradually moved away from those characteristics. The most basic aspects of democracy are consultation, participation, and transparency. Moving away from these characteristics is not what the country's youth deserve," Hassan explained.

After registering the party, The Democrats' Spokesperson Afshan Latheef said the part's main basis would be involving as many people as possible.

"The biggest foundation of this party will be to involve as many people as possible. We will engage, and we will seek the engagement of others," Afshan said.

Both Afshan and Hassan Latheef said that President Nasheed had no involvement in the formation of The Democrats. However, they do not deny that this is a party affiliated with President Nasheed.