Nasheed to participate in upcoming Democrats events

The Democrats have announced that Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed, who recently left the main-ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP), will participate in upcoming party events.

Speaking at a meeting held at Fuvahmulah City on Thursday night, the party's founder and Maafannu West MP Hassan Latheef said that Nasheed would attend future meetings organized by the party. He said once the government reopens after the Eid holidays, the Elections Commission (EC) would grant permission for the party's inaugural congress, where the party's constitution, name, logo, and emblem would be deliberated and approved.

Hassan Latheef said once the meeting passes the required matters and submits them to the EC, the commission cannot hold off formally registering the party. He asserted that the party would carry out its campaign activities regardless of any potential delays or restrictions, whether the party is officially registered or not.

The Democrats have announced that they will nominate a candidate for the upcoming presidential election. It is speculated that Nasheed would be The Democrats' presidential candidate.