Gov't seeks Ibrahim Manik and Amila's dismissal

The government has proposed to the Privatization Board the dismissal of WAMCO Chairman Mohamed Ibrahim Manik and Aasandha Board Member Amila Latheef.

The names of appointees and dismissals to government-owned companies are sent by the President's Office. Final decisions on these matters rest with the Privatization Board.

In the wake of a large number of MDP members defecting from the party to join the emerging rival party, The Democrats, MDP has proposed to the President to remove any such individual from political positions within the government. In accordance with the MDP's proposal, President Solih has been dismissing such persons.

In this regard, the President's Office has requested the removal of Manik and Amila following their departure from MDP and their affiliation with The Democrats.

Manik has been an influential figure actively involved in MDP elections and has also served as the President of the Villimale constituency within the MDP National Assembly. Amila, on the other hand, is the sister of former MDP chairman and founder of The Democrats, MP Hassan Latheef.