Will create 100 millionaires within five years, Qasim pledges

Jumhooree Party leader and presidential candidate Qasim Ibrahim has made an ambitious pledge to create 100 millionaires in the Maldives within five years if he wins the upcoming presidential election.

A ceremony was held at Male' Carnival Area on Friday night to officially hand over Qasim's presidential ticket. Speaking at the ceremony, Qasim expressed his determination to alleviate the concerns of the people and bring about revolutionary changes that the Maldives has never witnessed before. As part of his commitment, he pledged to create 100 millionaires in the Maldives within the next five years.

Qasim, known for his remarkable success as a business magnate in the Maldives, also outlined his economic vision. He said the government's debt would be reduced from 120 percent to 90 percent of GDP within the first three years of his presidency and that government expenditure would be maintained at 35 percent of GDP while increasing revenue to 30 percent of GDP.

Addressing the pressing issue of housing, Qasim said 20,000 housing units would be built in the Maldives before the end of the presidential term to tackle the country's housing crisis.

Criticizing previous governments, Qasim said the people have already experienced the rule of the MDP and PPM but have yet to experience the JP ideology.

“The political ideology that you have not explored is the JP ideology, the very political ideology that played the biggest role in bringing the governments formed in the Maldives after 2008 to power,” he said.

Jumhooree Party is part of the existing ruling coalition. In reference to the coalition, Qasim said there is an agreement to rule within a coalition and that he did not want to talk about respecting the agreement.