Nazim pledges housing loan guarantees to the public

The Maldives National Party (MNP) presidential candidate, Mohamed Nazim, has announced that a future MNP government will offer guarantees for housing loans.

Speaking at the opening of the MNP party station in Kaashidhoo on Friday, Nazim said there was no reason why the government should not guarantee the loans of the public while it guarantees the loans of businessmen. Nazim noted that the government has already given a sovereign guarantee of $130 million to a local business and questioned why similar guarantees cannot be extended to the people.

Nazim further said that if he comes to power, he will dredge the Kaashidhoo and Gaafaru lagoons so that the islands can benefit from tourism. In addition, his government intends to establish an air taxi service to Kashidhoo, eliminating the challenges faced during stormy sea travel to the island, he said.

Nazim further said if he comes to power, he will make public the letter sent by President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih to the Prime Minister of Mauritius regarding the Chagos archipelago and said he would work to reclaim the Maldivian waters recently accorded to Mauritius by the ITLOS in the territorial dispute between Maldives and Mauritius.