Man sentenced to jail for inscribing 'India Out' on embassy wall

A man has been sentenced to jail by the Criminal Court for inscribing "India Out" on the wall of the Chinese Embassy in Male' City.

The state raised charges against an individual named Mohamed Anil for vandalizing the Chinese Embassy wall using a blue spray bottle at approximately 6:45 pm on the evening of March 26. Anil pleaded guilty to the charges and said he acted upon someone else's instructions.

The standard penalty for Anil’s offense is one month and six days in jail. However, as he had pleaded guilty before the trial commenced, his sentence was reduced by one level on the sentencing scale, reducing his sentence to 27 days in jail.

Earlier, Anil had requested for the punishment to be converted to a fine. He was asked to submit documents confirming that he had the ability to pay the fine, but he failed to submit the required paperwork. Therefore, the court ruled that he would serve his sentence in jail.

As Anil was remanded in custody for 14 days, 19 hours, and one minute during the investigation phase of the case, the court deemed it equivalent to 15 days and said he would have to serve the remaining 12 days of his sentence.

The case was heard by Judge Hussain Faiz Rashad in the Criminal Court.