Pres Solih expresses interest in exploring possibility of an airport in Milandhoo

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has expressed his interest in exploring the possibility of constructing an airport in Sh. Milandhoo.

During a campaign event held on Monday night at Milandhoo island, the President acknowledged the significant number of residents who desire an airport on the island. He assured the audience that he is in discussions with Planning Minister Mohamed Aslam to assess the feasibility of the proposal from both technical and practical standpoints.

"If an airport is deemed viable, we will aim to commence the project during the next term," President Solih stated.

The President noted that the government is already undertaking several development projects in Milandhoo. The President said the island's harbor expansion project and shore protection project are now nearing completion.

The President, who is seeking re-election, further pledged to build flats or housing units in Milandhoo island to solve the housing problem faced by the people of the island. The specific plans and figures for this housing project will be decided upon after consulting with the local community and the island council, he said.

President Solih also reassured the residents that measures would be taken to expand the island's land area by dredging and riveting the island's muddy fields. The process of modernizing the roads in Milandhoo is already underway, and should he be re-elected for a second term, he intends to initiate a second phase to cover the entire island, he said.

The President also highlighted the figures of projects carried out in Shaviyani Atoll by previous administrations since 2008. While the first government of the MDP under President Mohamed Nasheed accomplished 19 projects in the atoll, President Abdulla Yameen's government completed 56 projects, he noted. However, the current government, despite the setbacks caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, carried out 159 projects in the atoll, he said.

President Solih encouraged the people to make an informed decision in the upcoming presidential election after considering the achievements of the current government. He expressed confidence in receiving significant support from Bodu Thiladhunmathi, the region where Shaviyani Atoll belongs.

The President also announced that he will share his second term manifesto with the people next week, outlining further plans for the nation's development and prosperity.