Faris gathers signatures required to submit candidacy form to EC

Faris Maumoon, who secured the presidential ticket of the Maldives Reform Movement (MRM), has successfully gathered the signatures required to submit his candidacy form to the Elections Commission.

As per the Elections Act, only individuals running as independent candidates are required to present 1,500 signatures of endorsement alongside their candidacy documents.

Faris secured the MRM ticket as he was the sole contender to apply to contest the party primary. Although Faris has secured MRM's presidential ticket, he opted to collect support signatures as an added precautionary measure. This decision is rooted in concerns surrounding potential legal complexities linked to his candidacy, particularly due to the Election Commission's prior decision to dissolve MRM for failure to maintain the minimum membership requirement of 3,000 members, as dictated by the Political Parties Act.

The Civil Court has stayed the Election Commission's decision to dissolve the MRM.