Political instability will hinder development: Pres Solih

Frequently changing the government will hinder the people from achieving the development they want, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has said.

Speaking at a campaign rally held at Gaafu Alif Nilandhoo today, President Solih said the Maldives is now transitioning towards a modern democracy. He noted freedom of expression, assembly, and press as key democratic values, emphasizing the importance of allowing space for political differences while simultaneously meeting the needs of the people.

“If the government changes every five years amid political turmoil, these things [development] will stop,” he said.

The President said when MDP first came to power in 2008, several significant changes took place in the subsequent presidential term. He also noted that not enough work was done for the islands in those five years.

Acknowledging the progress made in the past five years, President Solih said a lot of work had been done to develop the Maldives during his tenure. He said the government had provided essential services to the people and brought the previous chaos and unrest to a halt.

Noting that many things still need to be done for the development of the Maldives, President Solih said those people in power can move forward with these efforts only by eliminating unnecessary political turmoil.

“One of the most important things when working to move forward on the path of development is to maintain stability,” he said.

The President said his goal for the next five years is to ensure a happy and secure Maldives for all citizens, irrespective of where they live in the country. He said while glimpses of his manifesto have already been revealed, it encompasses twelve policies aimed at advancing the nation.

The President noted that many social services in the Maldives were started during his tenure. He also said that the government has started to provide many services to the people through the decentralization system.

“The next step is to improve the quality of these services and make them more accessible for those who need them most,” he said.

The President added that societal strength lies in the friendship and unity of all living in that society and stressed the need to create an environment that fosters collaboration among all age groups.

“We need to ensure everyone's participation by providing opportunities for families, children, and friends to gather in this environment,” he said.

Pledging to address local concerns, President Solih promised infrastructure development for Nilandoo, including road development and a youth center. He also pledged to implement a shore protection project on the island, as well as constructing a modern harbor and a football stadium for the island's youth.