Attack on independent presidential candidate Umar Naseer

Former Home Minister and independent presidential candidate Umar Naseer was attacked on a Male' City road on Saturday.

Umar was conducting a road rally with a small group when the attack occurred. The assailant hurled a metal object from a distance, striking Umar in the face while he was in a pickup truck on Majeedhee Magu near Billoorijehige. MNDF officers were providing security at the time of the incident.

Umar, known for his strong stance against drug dealers, believes he was attacked by a suspected drug dealer. He said his security detail had shared the attacker's photograph with the police.

"He fled after hitting me with the object. My security details have shared his photograph with the police," Umar said.

Umar was not seriously injured in the attack.

Police could not be reached for comment on the incident.