Dr. Muizzu's presidential vision: Housing as key solution

Addressing and effectively resolving housing challenges faced by the people of Maldives is the key to solving all issues faced by the country, the PPM-PNC presidential candidate, Dr. Mohamed Muizzu, has said.

At an event held Sunday night to launch his manifesto for the upcoming presidential election, Dr. Muizzu said he would give high priority to addressing housing issues, recognizing their integral role in the development of the nation. He appealed to the public to vote for him to achieve the vision.

Dr. Muizzu pledged to provide housing equitably, irrespective of socioeconomic status.

“We will provide housing for all that have the need for housing in an organized manner,” he said.

He highlighted that solutions to housing challenges would effectively alleviate family, societal, mental, and physical health issues. He said his housing policy was formulated after conducting many technical studies and research and based on personal experiences. However, the successful implementation of the policy hinges on public cooperation; he emphasized, and asked the people to put aside political visions and work towards making the Maldives the country the people desire.

Referring to President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih's administration, Muizzu said the government has decided to allocate flats from undredged lagoons. If elected, he promised the realization of these flats and their distribution to rightful recipients. He further committed to facilitating housing construction.

Muizzu further said Priority will be given to single mothers and people with special needs in providing social housing units. Flats will also be designated for those working in the tourism industry and those registered in the Male' City Dhaftharu registry, he said.

Muizzu, who is also the Mayor of Male' City, criticized the current system where Hulhumale' is under the jurisdiction of state-owned Urbanco. He said a PPM government would bring Hulhumale' under the jurisdiction of the Male' City Council in accordance with the rules of law. No project can be carried out in Hulhumale without the permission of the city council, he said.

“This is Male', not Urbanco's property,” Muizzu said.