Muizzu affirms commitment to providing housing solutions to all citizens

The opposing PPM-PNC's presidential candidate, Male Mayor Dr. Mohamed Muizzu, has declared his commitment to providing housing for every citizen if he assumes office.

Kicking off his first door-to-door campaign, Muizzu visited the Hiyaa neighborhood in Hulhumale Phase II this evening. Speaking to journalists prior to the event, Muizzu said if he comes to power, all citizens will have access to housing before the five-year term ends. However, he did not provide any details on how he planned to achieve the feat.

Drawing attention to the Hyaa flats, a housing project conceived under former President Abdulla Yameen's administration during Muizzu's tenure as Housing Minister, Muizzu said the current government has neglected to provide essential services to the residents of the flats. Muizzu asserted his commitment to addressing the challenges Hiyaa residents face, promising effective solutions if elected.

Recognizing the pressing national housing shortage, Muizzu emphasized that providing adequate housing to all Maldivians will be a top priority if he is elected to office.

The original list of recipients of Hiyaa flats was first compiled and made public when Muizzu was a minister. However, due to changes in government, the list underwent revision under a special committee appointed by the current administration before the flats were distributed, and some individuals listed on the original list did not receive flats under the current government. Muizzu affirmed his intention to allocate flats to such people if he attains power, ensuring their inclusion in the earliest available housing opportunities.