Pres Solih pledges support for self-employed individuals to expand businesses

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has announced plans to facilitate access to loans for self-employed individuals, aimed at helping them expand their businesses. This announcement came during a campaign rally held in Raa Innamaadhoo as President Solih seeks re-election.

Speaking at the rally, President Solih noted Innamaadhoo's significant population of carpenters and acknowledged that the biggest challenge faced by self-employed workers was the difficulty in obtaining funds to expand their businesses. He emphasized the government's commitment to offering easy access to loans to address this challenge.

“Our goal is to provide easy access to loans for such workers,” he said.

The President further noted that many people in Innamaadhoo were skilled in fiber work and acknowledged that it was the wish of these workers to arrange for them land at nearby Vandhoo island to carry out their work. He delivered the good news that the government is currently making the necessary arrangements to facilitate the wish once the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process is completed.